Saturday 30 August 2014

Caramel Red Riceflakes Kheer/Caramel Aval Payasam

Kheer, this incredible Indian sweet pudding is one of my daughter's favourite. Obviously i love to make different kheers with many variations, this time i went for a delicious caramel flavored red riceflakes kheer for yesterday's Vinayagar chathurthi celebration.I crossed this very delicious kheer few days back while i was reading a Tamil magazine supplement. Actually the recipe i have crossed goes for white rice flakes, which i replaced simply with thick red rice flakes else i went as per the original recipe i have crossed.

Caramel Red Riceflakes Kheer/Caramel Aval Payasam

Caramel in this recipe is prepared simply by heating sugar, if you dont have courage to make your caramel at home, just go with the store bought caramel syrup, the addition of caramel syrup gives a beautiful colour to this kheer. Both white and red rice flakes works awesome in this recipe, just go on with your choice of rice flakes. A simple,delicious and definitely a tasty kheer to make at home with simple ingredients. Definitely this kheer is a festive food which can be prepared in a jiffy for poojas.This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.

4cups Milk
1/2cup Thick Red rice flakes/sivappu aval
1/2cup Sugar
1tbsp Ghee
1/2tsp Cardamom powder
Few cashnew nuts
Few pistachios (for garnishing)

Soak the red rice flakes in warm water for half an hour.

Bring boil the milk in simmer, add the soaked and drained red rice flakes, cook in medium flame.

Meanwhile in a heavy bottomed vessel, add the sugar and cook in medium flame until its turns brown, (dont stir).

Add 1/4cup of water, mix well, add this caramel syrup to the cooking red riceflakes-milk mixture.

Cook well until the kheer gets thick, add in the cardamom powder.

Fry the cashewnuts in the ghee and add it to the kheer.

Serve warm garnished with chopped pistachios or at room temperature.


great-secret-of-life said...

looks so perfect .. .tasty kheer

Chef Mireille said...

never before seen red rice flakes. but must make a nice thick and creamy kheer

Sooriya said...

Great combo and looks so tempting !!!

Srivalli said...

I enjoyed it when I had previously made caramel payasam, using red rice flakes is so healthy as well...

Pavani said...

Wow, caramel kheer with red rice flakes sounds so exotic and delicious. Will have to try.