Thursday 7 August 2014

Ragi Malt/Healthy Fingermillet Porridge

Am not a breakfast person, so obviously i skip it, but somehow after reading so many articles about the importance of taking breakfast now am trying to have atleast something for the sake of having breakfast. Just a coffee with a slice of bread is enough for me, sometimes i'll make oats porridge or ragi malt which will be very filling when compared to coffee and bread slice.Ragi malt can be prepared in a jiffy and this filling nutritious drink keeps your tummy filled until lunch. Ragi malt can be prepared in two ways, sweet and savory. My today's post is sweet ragi malt. Unless like Ragi koozh, this malt is prepared simply with ragi flour,milk and sugar or honey,yes just with simple ingredients your breakfast is ready to have.

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Since finger millet/ragi/kezhvaragu is rich in calcium and antioxydants, i'll try to include them often in my diet. These grains are gluten free and helps a lot for easy digestion.If you want this ragi malt more nutritious,just add couple of grounded nuts in it. However you can make your ragi flour at home and mine is sprouted ragi flour which i prepared few days back at home. Its really easy to make this ragi flour at home, just whole ragi grains are needed to make your own ragi flour.If you want to kick start your day with a filling breakfast, you must try this nutritious ragi malt.

Healthy fingermillet porridge, ragi malt,breakfast ragi porridge

Recipe source:Priya
2cups Milk
2tbsp Sprouted ragi flour
1tbsp Honey
1tsp Almond meal
A pinch cardamom powder
Fruits for topping (optional)
Some wheat flakes (optional)

Mix half cup of milk and ragi flour,almond meal together in a bowl and stir well without any lumps,keep aside.

Bring boil the remaining milk, add the already prepared ragi-almond mixture and cook for few minutes or until they turns semi thick.

Add the honey, cardamom powder, give a mix.

Serve warm topped with fruits, i used cherry fruit and wheat flakes.


prethika said...

Healthy and a comforting drink...

Akila said...

Want to prepare this for a very long time... But somehow keep on postponing.... Yours looks great aks...

Sooriya said...

Filling n healthy drink perfect all time!!!