Thursday 18 May 2017

Shing Paak/Gujarati Peanut Burfi/Mandvi Paak

Peanut chikki aka brittles, i have rarely seen someone saying no to those sweet bites. When its comes something to dish out sweet with peanuts, everyone at home love to enjoy them. When i was planning for something different to cook with peanuts, i couldnt resist to dish out this easy breezy Shing paak aka Gujarati Peanut burfi.This recipe calls for just three ingredients, yes roasted peanut powder, sugar, cardamom powder and nuts (optional) to decorate. This fantastic Gujarati sweet gets ready very much quickly than you can imagine.Easy to put together, this shing paak have a subtle flavor and definitely this sweet will please anyone's sweet tooth. Shing means peanuts in Gujarat and this Shing paak is a delicious nutritional sweet with wonderful flavor in it.

Gujarati Peanut Burfi, Shing paak

If you are searching for a quick traditional sweet, dont forget to check this easy burfi. Not to forget, this Shing paak is completely vegan as well, this nutritious burfi makes an excellent snack box munchies to pack easily in your kid's snackbox. However this simple version of Gujarati sweet can be prepared as much as rich just by adding some saffron strands and some ghee as well.Am running this week's of blogging marathon with Mother's day Sweets as theme. And this nutritious, kid's friendly Shing paak goes for this week's theme.

Shing pak, Peanut burfi

2cups Roasted powdered Peanuts
1cup Sugar
1/2tsp Cardamom powder
Melon seeds or chopped nuts (for topping)

Bring boil the sugar with quarter cup of water, once it turns one string consistency, add the powdered peanuts and cardamom powder.

Sitr well and cook in simmer until the mixture turns thick and comes out of the vessel.

Meanwhile line a baking sheet over a plate. Drop this mixture to the already prepared plate.

Press the mixture well, top immediately with nuts or melon seeds.

Mandvi Paak, Peanut Burfi, Shing Paak

Once the mixture gets cool, slice it as you desire.

Arrange in an air tightened box and enjoy.

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Rafeeda AR said...

That looks really pleasing to the eyes... delicious burfi!

Gayathri Kumar said...

This version of the burfi sounds like an easy method. The powdered peanuts result in smoother burfis and I am sure they tasted so divine..

vaishali sabnani said...

The sing paak is very popular during winters in Gujarat and you have prepared it so well . Looks fantastic .

Sandhiya said...

Peanut burfi looks so smooth and perfect. Love to try,bookmarked it.

rajani said...

My Burfi making skills aren't too great. Love how smooth and straight and perfect this one is!

Pavani said...

Peanut burfi looks great Priya. Love those melon seeds on top.

Srivalli said...

I love nut burfis and this one seems just so delicious!

Sharmila kingsly said...

So soft and melt in mouth!!

Sharmili Kannan said...

Peanut burfi looks yummy...Excellent.